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About This Site

This site was designed and developed by Mike Smith. The purpose of this site is to count down the time remaining to the famous date from Back to the Future II, October 21, 2015.

This site replicates the time circuits concept from the Back to the Future trilogy; however, there were some changes to the display throughout the movies. The time circuits on this site are based on the first Back to the Future movie. If you are not familiar with Back to the Future, please use the links to the left for more information about the famous trilogy.

The "destination time" is set to the famous date of October 21, 2015. In Back to the Future II, the audience is only shown the month, day, year, and hour portion of the time circuits. We know it is four-something in the afternoon. Based on the novel Back to the Future II by Craig Shaw Gardner (story by Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale), it says that, "Doc pointed at the time display as he eased the nose of the DeLorean downward. Marty read the digital display: OCTOBER 21, 2015. 4:29 P.M."

The "present time" is your computers current system time. It is a full functioning calendar/clock.

The "last time departed" represents the first time travel experiment with Doc's dog Einstein at Twin Pine Mall on October 26, 1985, 1:20 a.m.

There have been recent hoaxes regarding the actual date in the movie. The most recent hoax occurred June 27, 2012. A previous hoax made its way across the Internet on July 5, 2010. Hopefully, this site will serve to prevent future hoaxes.

*Any donations or money made from Google Ads will be set aside for a DeLorean fund. Mike Smith's goal is to own a DeLorean by October 21, 2015.